Here is a list of our favorite links about RC modeling. I hope this list helps you find other great web sites like  this one. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to

CARF-Models-USA:  Manufacturer of the highest quality and lightest production models on the planet.  With our paint in the mold process and vacuum forming technique, we offer the most durable finish and lasting impression with your new model airplane.  

Our offerings range from Aerobatic planes  (50CC to  200cc), War Birds, (100" ws to  110" WS) Sport jets, Scale jets and F3A Pattern  Check our our web site and be sure to choose Andy Kane as your sales rep.

Horizon Hobby Horizon Hobby is your one stop shop for all your modeling needs.. Looks for the newest in radios and Bind "n" fly planes,  JR and Spektrum Radios.  But always remember to check with our local hobby shop first.

Power Box  Power Box's Newest product  the IGYRO  a three axis gyro that will keep you plane straight and true.  They also offer a complete line of power management systems for the discerning modeler.

Jet Central Turbine Engines 


At Jet Central we gather a qualified technical team, experienced engineering and modern techonologies in order to reach reliable solutions for the most demanding costumers.

Since the first turbine, manufactured in the late ninety’s by our CEO and owner, JetCentral has been committed to provide our customers with the most reliable and modern engine, maintaining our quality in our ISO 9000 certified factory.

Our mission Is to supply state-of-the art miniature jet engines for the hobby market and professional applications.

The CNC high precision machining and computerized balancing allows us to have very reliable engines with extended life. The turbine wheel and EGV are casted by a third party that produces castings for full size aircraft manufactures. Our ongoing research and development leads us to continuous improvement of our engines and the creation of new ones to fulfill the needs of the serious flyers.



Jet Cat Turbine Engines  There are many things to consider when selecting a model turbine or helicopter power plant. A level of trust must extend between the supplier and the customer. At JetCat, we take great pains to earn this trust. 

Note: Diesel use in JetCat engines. 

Diesel fuel is an acceptable fuel for use in all JetCat engines regardless of type or generation. No setting changes in the ECU is necessary for successful operation. 

This notice supersedes all previous information regarding diesel use that has been delivered from JetCat USA. 

John Redman

Down and Locked Electric landing gear conversions 

DOWN and LOCKED is dedicated to rid the airframe of its dependency on air actuators and their support systems. Future improvements from the DOWN and LOCKED team include Speed control for hatch doors, Faster retracts for the JET guys, Stronger motors for the Large Scale Guys, Higher voltage tolerance for the Electric Guys. Flap control, canopy actuation, speed brakes, sound and a USB interface to allow customer setting of critical parameters including delays and sequence of operation. We have had the most requests for our latest invention on the drawing board, the AIRLESS AIR BRAKE CONVERSION due to debut in 2011. It is anti-lock, proportional, and employs an accelerometer feedback to determine the appropriate braking force. It can sense slippery grass to a firm concrete landing surface. And yes it will hold your Model firmly in place while you run up the engine for takeoff. And no you wont have to do anything except plug it into your existing air brake line.

At DOWN and LOCKED we are constantly looking for ways to meet your needs through product improvements and new additions to our line. Please provide feedback with features and new products you would like to see. We welcome your requests and suggestions.


I know how you want them to fly!