Jet Cat Full Line of Turbine engines

I am pleased to represent and offer a selection of JetCat turbine engines.

JetCat  SPT-5 Turbo Prop Engine

  • Jet-tronic ECU (fuel control electronics)
  • GSU (Display and Programmer)
  • LED I/O board
  • Miniature fuel pump
  • Electronic starting gas valve
  • Electronic Fuel valve
  • Fuel tubing, tubing connector set, filters, and cable set
  • 2 cell, 3800mA LiPoly battery pack
  • Starting gas tank
  • Turbine mounting clamp and front mounting flange included
  • Both shafts are electronically monitored and controlled
  • Drive exhibits very low vibrations
  • Compact, high efficiency planetary drive system
  • Low maintenance lubrication system Integrated cooling fan propeller
  • Detailed instruction manual

Thrust: 55 lbs with 27" prop at 7,0000 RPM
Weight: 4.9 LB, incl. starter
Length: 15.25 inches
Turbine RPM Range: 50,000 - 165,000
Propeller RPM Range: 1500 - 7000 RPM
Exhaust gas temp.: 580°C -710°C
Fuel consumption: 8 oz per/min at full power
Fuel: Jet A1, 1-K kerosene
Lubrication: approximately 5% synthetic turbine oil in the fuel
Maintenance interval: 25 hours


Price: $5195.00

JetCat P-140 RX  ease of installation.

The future is here! Jetcat P140-RX includes our state of the art V10 ECU. Single fuel and cable connection to the engine. No external solenoids! Internal kero start and exhaust gas temperature probe. New smart fuel pump with easy mount aluminum case. Includes 9.9V LiFe battery. A123 compatible! Comes with everything you need to install into your plane. 32lbs of thrust! 

• Compact outline and form factor
• Internal kerosene start
• Internal EGT sensor!
• Internal solenoids, only one fuel connection to the engine
• New “Bus-system” fuel pump
• Single wiring connection from ECU to engine
• New miniature/lightweight ECU V10.0
• Battery: 2-cell LiPo or optional 3-cell LiFe (e.g. A123)

Max Thrust: >32 lbs
Engine Weight: 3.5 lbs
Diameter: 4.37"
Length: 12.9"
RPM Range: 33,000 to 125,000
Max Temp: 710C
Fuel Rate at Full Power: 17.2 fl oz per minute

Price: $3495.00


I know how you want them to fly!