We are pleased to offer a selection of custom made wing bag's for your CARF Models.

CARF MODELS  Wing bag and covers made by REVOC

We can offer you complete wing bags in solid colors or custom color designs to match your paint scheme.  We can even place your logo on the bag.  Other options include handles, shoulder straps and hardware pockets.

Call for pricing for your model and desired color scheme


CARF Models Wing bags and cover by JACKIE SACKS

Wing bags for all your modeling needs

JackieSacks creates custom wing bags and covers for all types of model aircraft, specializing in those not served by the
typical, three sizes fit all solutions on the market.  Most have no problem finding a wing bag set for an Eextra, Yak or Edge, but what about your giant scale bi-plane, jet, War Bird,or custom project ?
  JackieSacks has your solution.
All products feature heavy duty three layer construction.  A heavy canvas outer shell absorbs the scrapes of transport, a 1/4 inch high density foam layer protects from impacts, while a soft flannel inner liner cushions your covering or paint.  All three layers work together to protect your hobby investment.

Price: Call for pricing for your model.  301-785-3022

Skins 4 Jets

Skins 4 Jets - the ultimate choice in high quality protection from heat and rain for your jet.  The Rip stop nylon is silicone coated on both sides making it highly waterproof. It is UV proof, fast drying and extremely tear resistant. A clear heat reduction providing invaluable sun protection for your model at the airfield.

The innovative rudder cover is just one of our large selection of custom skins. It's a great way to wear and share what's on your mind.

Currently available for all CARF Model Jets and some other manufaturers as well.

Price: $339.00 including shipping anywhere in the USA


I know how you want them to fly!