I offer a complete line of all the CARF-MODEL aircraft.  Below is just a small sampling of my favorite planes.  Please contact me with any questions Andy Kane.

I am pleased to offer a complete selection of High Quality, High performance Model Aircraft

SIAI  SF-260 112" WS

The SF-260 is one of the world’s most revered military trainers, with some 880 aircraft in service and 27 different military customers around the world. It was, and still is, marketed also as an aerobatic plane as well. Stelio Frati (the F in SF-260) designed this airplane in the early 60s for Aviamilano, which was later purchased by SIAI Marchetti (the S in SF-260). It is powered by a 260 hp 6-cyl Lycoming engine (denoted by… yeah, right, the 260 in the name…).  

The flight characteristics, performance and style of the SF-260 are second to none, making it a favorite not only of military flight schools, but of airshow pilots, civil professional flying schools, and anyone who loves fast, beautiful, great-flying airplanes.

Price: $2990.00

   110" WS

I think that this is the ultimate Turboprop plane in terms of beauty and performance. Some really nice aerobatic schemes and great military schemes are possible.

It has a large wing and a very strong and stable landing gear. Control surface size and the right tail moment provide great flying characteristics, wide speed range, slow landings and precise aerobatics. 

The CARF-Models Tucano is designed to suit the Jet Cat SPT-5, the WREN MW54 and the Jet Central (Artes) JF-50 Turboprops. All 3 engines perform very well and suit the plane perfectly. A specially designed engine mount box made of carbon fiber makes it easy to install the engines accurately, and operate them safely. 

Price: $3490.00

The new Ultra Flash, with it's swept back wing, increased span and curved wing tip, has produced the most amazing flying qualities.  From the first flight we knew we had produced our best flying sport jet. This was confirmed as each of our team pilots had their chance to try the Ultra Flash for the first time. You too will experience the same joy as you complete the first landing, so easy, so pure!

The Flash has a very wide speed range, but not every pilot was able to unlock this potential, the Ultra Flash has a wider speed range, from very fast to just incredibly slow. The new wing features larger conventional landing flaps without the airbrake section from the Flash. These flaps are hugely powerful and allow all pilots to experience the joy of slow passes and easy short field landings.

The Ultra Flash also features trailing link main undercarriage struts as standard. This makes the Ultra Flash suitable for any flying strip surface, particularly grass sites. We have used the proven Behotec C-36 undercarriage units which have been Ultra reliable in the Flash, now with the addition of trailing link struts manufactured from the finest alloys, giving incredible strength coupled with lightness. A gear set requiring no updates or changes for perfect operation.

Price: $2490.00

The CARF Tutor is extremely well prefabricated. All joints between wing, stab and any control surface are factory finished. Even the main gear doors are hinged. Servo mounts are pre-built, the engine mount is readily installed and aligned and even for fuel, smoke and hopper tank. All provisions and mounts are readily built in. Construction time for an experienced builder should not be more than 25 hours. Even a Jet Novice should have this Tutor in the air within 50 hours, thanks to the comprehensive instruction manual.

Price: $2790.00

SU-31 118" WS

The Sukhoi SU-31 is a single engine aerobatic aircraft that is very popular in airshows. It is a lighter and more powerful version of the Sukhoi SU-26. The Sukhoi SU-31 is the most agile and powerful aerobatic aircraft in production today, and once other manufacturers add performance to their flagships, Sukhoi usually has already raised the bar with new design features or more power. The full size aircraft is almost an all composite aircraft just like our model.

Price: $3590.00

Folding wing Corsair  with electric conversion on wings and landing gear



This 110 inch wing span Folding Wing ARF CARF Models Corsair has been refitting with aftermarket Electric Landing Gear ELG and Electric Wing Operators EWO.  This video shows the complete operation of the gear and wing.  I can provide the conversion for you and it eliminates the need for hydraulic pump or fluid bag for the wing and large air system for the gear.  Just a very small air system is used for operate the gear doors.

Price for wing and gear conversion and door sequencer: $2150.00


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